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Barry 20 Brooklyn University at Buffalo.



Maybe cause is my last year, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the friends I made here at college. I wonder if we will still talk once this is all over. Our will it just so there. Once graduation his it’ll be like stranger once again. I found this post online after random Google searching.
Just made me think a bunch.

"Enjoy your senior year" -Everyone older than me.

It’s great having friends who don’t talk to you.

Networking and putting in work kinda paid off. If all goes well I will be an intern for both human resources and marketing department. Two titles for one internship in one summer. Leggo

I been very “MIA” lately. I guess that’s what will happen when I go out in the real world. Working a 9-5 job and having people forget about you since you’re either 1) too busy to answer anyone 2) too tired after work to even do anything fun. This summer I been changing my life around. For better or worse? I have yet to know, but I believe its for the better. Been working hard at work and the gym, applying already for Fall internships, networking, and going to a new place at least once a week. Sure I believe some of my friends think I been “MIA” lately, but I’m trying my best to accommodate and schedule everything accordingly. Anyways, here’s some wisdom I’ve gotten from some chief officers I would like to share and for me to look back on.

"If you haven’t failed in life, you need to find something and fail at it. Not because I want you to be miserable. I want you all to learn to get back up on your feet quickly. There’s no time to sit around moping when life moves on."

Question - What advice do you have for graduating seniors?

CEO of the company I work for - “Work your butt off.”
Just like that. Plain and simple. Two quotes that I would like to remember and echo in my head.